PRINCE2: Practitioner (PM2192)
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Started on June 13, 2022


PRINCE2 Is the International Standard Method for Project Management. It is recognised as a world-class international product, and is the standard method for project management, not least because it embodies many years of best practice in project management and provides a flexible and adaptable approach to suit all projects. It is a project management method designed to provide a framework covering the wide variety of disciplines and activities required within a project. PRINCE2’s formal recognition of responsibilities within a project, together with its focus on what a project is to deliver (the why, when and for whom) provides your organisation’s projects with:

  • A common, consistent approach
  • A controlled and organised start, middle and end
  • Regular reviews of progress against plan and against the Business case flexible decision points
  • Assurance that the project continues to have a business justification
  • Flexible decision points
  • Management control of any deviations from the plan
  • The involvement of management and stakeholders at the right time and place during the project
  • Good communication channels between the project, project management, and the rest of the organisation
  • A means of capturing and sharing lessons learned
  • A route to increasing the project management skills and competences of the organisation’s staff at all levels.

Accredited PRINCE2: Practitioner training is provided by Syzygal, accredited by PeopleCert International Ltd. Examination Institute. PRINCE2®: Practitioner is a (registered) Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.


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Poželjno predznanje

Delegates who have not completed PRINCE2 Foundation (but hold one of the other qualifications listed below) are expected to bring themselves up to Foundation level through self-study of the PRINCE2 2017 manual and by undertaking the sample Foundation exam.

Plan obuke

PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is suitable for anyone managing projects. This could be as part of a formal project management function or a role which involves project management as part of day-to-day work. The Practitioner certification aims to confirm that you have sufficient knowledge and understanding to apply and tailor the method in a range of different project environments and scenarios. The course includes:

The PRINCE2 Principles

  • Application of the Continued business justification
  • Application of the Learn from experience
  • Application of the Defined roles and responsibilities
  • Application of the Manage by stages
  • Application of the Manage by exception
  • Application of the Focus on products
  • Application of the Tailor to suit the project

The PRINCE2 Themes

  • Application of the Business case theme
  • Application of the Organisation theme
  • Application of the Quality theme
  • Application of the Plans theme
  • Application of the Risk theme
  • Application of the Change theme
  • Application of the Progress theme

The PRINCE2 Processes

  • Application of the Starting up a Project (SU)
  • Application of the Directing a Project (DP)
  • Application of the Initiating a Project (IP)
  • Application of the Controlling a Stage (CS)
  • Application of the Managing Product delivery (MP)
  • Application of the Managing Stage Boundaries (SB)
  • Application of the Closing a Project (CP)

At the end of this course, attendees will have an understanding of the following:

  • Demonstrate that they can apply and tailor the PRINCE2 method to a real project
  • Explain and apply the PRINCE2 principles
  • Explain the purpose of the seven PRINCE2 themes and describe how they are applied to a project
  • Describe each step of the PRINCE2 journey, explaining the activities required to guide a project throughout its lifecycle
  • Create the recommended PRINCE2 management products which include baselines, records and reports
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